Communication Management For Gig Economy Workers

With so many people transitioning to self-employment or taking advantage of the gig economy, professional communication and accessibility have never been more important. When you're trying to make a name for yourself in your industry as a professional, you need to put forth a professional appearance. One of the things that many people overlook in this aspect is communication, including your telephone service. Here are a few things you should know about your telephone services and why it's important to have virtual business voicemail as an entrepreneur.

Why You Shouldn't Just Use Your Cell Phone

A lot of people just default to using their personal cell phones for their self-employment ventures. It seems logical, especially since you always have your personal phone with you. However, this can lead to confusion between your personal and business calls, and it can often leave you taking business calls well after business hours since you don't always know if it's a business or personal call coming through. When you have a dedicated number for your business-related calls, you can avoid all of that confusion.

Why You Should Consider Virtual Business Voice Mail

You may think that it's easier to just get a second phone. You could do that, but then you'll find yourself carrying two phones around with you during business hours. Instead, you should think about investing in virtual business voicemail for your entrepreneurial efforts.

Virtual business voicemail gives you a dedicated number for your business contacts. Customers, clients, and suppliers can reach you through that single number no matter what, eliminating the confusion of personal versus business calls. You'll receive an email notification every time you receive a voicemail on your virtual voicemail number. Since it's a virtual box, it's stored in the cloud. That means you can listen to your messages from anywhere at any time. This is the ultimate convenience for busy self-starters. 

You will also be able to save, store, and organize your messages so that you don't lose track of important information. Most virtual business voicemail services even include professional voice talent, which can help add an air of legitimacy and professionalism to your business.

The gig economy is increasing self-employment exponentially, but balancing work and private lives can be difficult for many. Instead of trying to maintain work and personal communication all on one device, these are some of the many reasons to consider virtual business voicemail for your startup. Reach out to a professional to learn more about online business voicemail