Tiny Office Space With Big Office Communication Dreams? How Hosted PBX Systems Help

Sometimes, in the world of business, things work out a certain way that you did not expect. Maybe your small business is starting to boom into something bigger. If it is, then your next biggest problem is going to be a tie between space and communication systems. When you are operating from a tiny office space, but you have big office communication dreams and needs, you have to find a solution that fits. Thankfully, there are phone service companies that offer such a solution. It is called "host PBX," meaning that it is a "hosted private branch exchange." Here is more on what this service is, and how it can help your current situation. 

What the Hosted PBX Is 

Well, for starters, it is a business phone service that is hosted by your business phone service provider. This means that the service is almost entirely remote from your office, but it still gives you all of the business phone features you want and need, including voicemail, call forwarding, and call rerouting. The "private branch exchange" just means that no one else is on the line or uses the same connection line to this service as you; it is not a party line and it is private in terms of how you use it. The "branch exchange" part means that it is a branch of the current service your phone company provides and that the exchange is an exchange of services you need to continue daily operations. 

How It Can Help Your Current Situation

Small businesses with limited office space (like yours!) are able to get all of the phone services they need without a data tower or dozens of extra cables running all over the office. You can handle multiple calls through a couple of phones in the office or handle calls via your computers. All of the usual cumbersome extra hardware needed to move up to bigger business status in a tiny space is not needed because all of that equipment is offsite and managed by the phone company somewhere else.

They can manage the software as well, if it applies to the services you require. Most impressively, this system takes calls for you regardless of whether or not you are in the office or at home, on vacation or at lunch. The system reroutes incoming calls to either remote answering services or voicemail, depending on what you choose.