Level the Playing Field: Why Small Businesses Need an Answering Service

As a small business, it is easy to sometimes be at a disadvantage when compared to larger businesses. Large companies often have more visibility, greater access to capital, and larger teams. However, a disadvantage does not mean failure. An investment in a phone answering service is one thing a small business can do to level the playing field and put their business on a path to greater success. 

Never Miss a Call

Large companies often have a large number of employees, as a result, whether they need coverage in the middle of the afternoon or the middle of the night, someone is standing by and available. Unfortunately, small businesses do not always have this level of access. As a result, when a customer needs help after hours, a small business may be more likely to miss the call, and possibly, miss the opportunity to meet the customer's needs. 

An answering service eliminates missed calls. Answering service professionals work twenty-four hours a day to promptly answer all calls and collect any pertinent information. This information is then passed on to a contact at your business so that the customer can receive a response as quickly as possible.

Reduced Operating Costs

Another way that an answering service can help level the playing field is by ensuring that your small business has around-the-clock coverage, but at a reduced cost. Every time an employee is in the building, the business has to spend money. From labor cost to electricity usage, there are costs incurred.

Answering services operate off-site. Additionally, you have the opportunity to pay a set price based on the specific type of services you want. There are no added costs for overtime, utility usage, or other unexpected expenses, so you have the chance to reduce your operating costs.

Professional Presence

Larger companies are sometimes in a better position because there is this perception that larger companies are more professional, but this idea is not accurate. Small businesses are just as professional, and a partnership with an answering service can help prove this idea.

When your customers can call your business, any time of the day, and be greeted with a helpful and professional and individual on the other end, this interaction will go a long way in making your business look like a professional in the industry.

If you want to improve your small business's chance for success, contact a 24-hour phone answering service like AnSer to learn more about what they can offer your organization.