How Does Voice Over IP Work For Businesses?

Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP is a type of network communications technology designed as a step up from copper-based telephone systems. In reality, it enhances, augments, and sometimes replaces traditional phone lines while giving business leaders the freedom to switch between technologies. Here are a few VoIP details to help you understand how the system works, how well it works, and how it can help your business.

You're Already Using VOIP

With new technology comes people who don't like change. Whether for practical purposes or stubborn resistance, some people simply see no need to change something that works. The problem with avoiding VoIP is that all major communications systems are already using some form of VoIP.

Telecommunication companies are where the bulk of communications are transferred. When you make a call, the signal goes through different local, regional, national, and/or international switches to reach its destination.

Those systems aren't copper telephone lines anymore. They're internet systems with voice-specific purposes because for the industry, it's mostly a change in how the information is sent and the type of cable being used.

Many people think that they're avoiding VoIP because their local landlines are still using copper. That may be the case, but that copper network eventually hits the larger VoIP technology world.

What Can VoIP Do That Makes It Worth Business Time?

The difference between VoIP and landline doesn't matter as far as the final product is concerned. Calls sound mostly the same, and any distortion issues would be a problem on any kind of telecommunications systems. Enterprise and Internet Service Provider-level VoIP isn't plagued by robotic call issues because someone else is using the network; if the call can be impeded on top tier VoIP, it can be impeded on copper.

So why bother? The main reason is to have more control over your phone network. You can change numbers and even assign multiple numbers to single phones, making it easier to have an internal and external call system on a single desk phone without having to pull multiple, physical wires that need to be repaired.

VoIP comes with a few software features that allows you to program your own phone numbers and make your own systems, or task a contractor to handle the task with the general gist of what you want.

Contact a business phone systems professional to discuss phone installation and upgrades that can work with copper and VoIP.