Securing Your Digital Voip System

If you're thinking about installing a digital Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system in your office, you need to take the time to think about how you're going to make sure the system is secure. After all, digital VoIP systems run via your Internet connection, and you don't want hackers to be able to access any of your company's important information. So, check out these tips to learn how to secure your digital VoIP system to protect your company's information.

Make Your Password Strong

When it comes to Internet-based software, your password is your company's first line of defense. To access your company's sensitive information or use your VoIP service to make expensive calls, hackers need to crack your password to gain access to your system. So, you need to make sure your password is strong. But, how do you create a strong password without using information, such as words and numbers, that are easy for you to remember? Instead of creating a password that includes a few numbers before or after a word, integrate the numbers and symbols into the password you've chosen. For example, you can easily replace an "S" with a "5," and "O" for a "zero" or an "I" with a "1." Additionally, you can also replace letters in your password with symbols to strengthen it further. Remember, you also need to use at least one uppercase and one lowercase letter. So, for example, if your password was the word "password' — which it shouldn't be — you would replace letters so that your password was actually "[email protected]" to make it stronger than it would be if you simply used the word as it's normally spelled.

Control System Access

Installing a VoIP system makes it easier for employees and contractors to work from remote locations. However, to keep your digital VoIP system secure, you need to control who has access to your system and where it can be accessed. You do this by whitelisting specific IP addresses in the system. So, before an employee can work remotely, you'll need to enter their IP address into your system to give them access. IP addresses are assigned by location, so if an employee needs to work from multiple locations, multiple IP addresses need to be entered for that employee. If someone tries to access your company's VoIP system from an IP address that isn't whitelisted, he or she will automatically be blocked.

Installing a digital VoIP system is convenient and cost effective. However, after you install a digital VoIP system, you need to secure it and make sure it stays secure by creating a really strong password and controlling system access.

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