Securing Your Digital Voip System

If you're thinking about installing a digital Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system in your office, you need to take the time to think about how you're going to make sure the system is secure. After all, digital VoIP systems run via your Internet connection, and you don't want hackers to be able to access any of your company's important information. So, check out these tips to learn how to secure your digital VoIP system to protect your company's information.

Purchasing Your Teen's First Cell Phone? What Should You Consider?

If you've spent years waffling over the decision to provide your teen with a cell phone, you may have finally reached the point at which the convenience of being able to communicate with your teen at any time of day or night outweighs your concerns about texting while driving, sending inappropriate photos, or the other dangers to which teens can be susceptible. However, paying hundreds of dollars for an expensive -- and often fragile -- piece of electronic equipment for a sometimes careless teen can still be a financial gamble.

How To Avoid Common Structured Cabling Pitfalls As An Engineer

It's common for those who are new to handling structured cabling to have similar problems. Here are a few common mistakes that engineers working on structured cabling often make, including what you can do to avoid them and have your network come out looking fine.  Forgetting About Cable Length With all of those cables that you'll be looking at, it's easy to forget that there actually is a max length of cables and that you will have to do a bit of strategic planning to make sure the physical cables all connect up properly.

Call Center Tips: Dos And Don'Ts For Good Phone Etiquette

Every single call that comes into a business is critical, as it could be a current customer that needs assistance and wants to be reassured that things are being handled for them, or it could be a potential customer who is interested in obtaining information about a particular service or product. Whatever the case may be, each call and each customer is valuable. Therefore, it is crucial that the call center that is handling your phone calls practice good phone etiquette.