Finding the Right Phone Service for Business and Family

Avoiding The Biggest Mistakes When Replacing A Cracked Cell Phone Screen

If you have any tech-savvy blood running through your veins and a little electronic knowledge, you may assume that replacing a cracked cell phone screen should be a fairly easy feat. Even though screens for everything from phones to tablets can be ordered online and you can find basic instructions for just about any model about replacement, this is one task that may end up being a lot harder than what you think. Here are a few of the biggest mistakes phone owners tend to make when they try to replace a cracked screen on their own. Mistake: Using the wrong kind of tools to remove the old screen. When you are working to remove the damaged screen from your phone, you will be struggling against sticky adhesives that are used during the manufacturing process that can be very difficult to remove. However, the tools that you use for the task must be small, and you will have to be agile working with small items to gently pry the screen off. Otherwise, you can cause damage to the LCD screen inside and even cause more problems. Mistake: Not doing the work in a sterile, dust-free area. When you pull the old screen off of your phone, you will be opening up the main LCD screen beneath that is extremely sensitive to the slightest contaminants. Something as tiny as a piece of dust can cause damage to the frail LCD screen as it is brushed away. Therefore, it is crucial to only try to attempt screen repair in a clean space that is free of even floating dust particles, which is something that can be incredibly hard to achieve unless you just happen to have a sterile home laboratory. Mistake: Not wearing cotton gloves during the new screen installation. The digitizer screen that you install on a touchscreen phone may look like a simple and solid piece of flexible glass, but it is really weaved with a complex system of sensitive wires that are designed to detect your touch. Even the slightest smudge on the backside of the screen can make the phone not function properly once it is installed. This means that one tiny fingerprint spot can completely inhibit the digitizer screen from working as it should. It may make the task of replacing the screen a bit harder, but slip on a pair of soft cotton gloves to prevent […]

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3 Tips to Save Money on Voice Services for Your Business

To operate your business successfully, you have to have a good business phone system in place. However, you could be concerned about how much these services will cost. However, there are ways that you can cut costs. Follow these tips, and you won’t have to worry about your voice services costing you as much money. Then, you’ll have more money to put into other aspects of your business, but you’ll still have the phone services that you need to operate your new business conveniently and successfully. 1. Bundle Your Services If you don’t already have your phone services through the same company that provides your Internet and other services, such as your cable or satellite television, then you should consider looking into a bundled package. Many phone and cable companies offer bundles with multiple services for cheaper rates than you would pay if you had separate services through separate companies. Plus, paying your bill will be easier and more streamlined if you have all of your services through one company, which will give you one less thing to worry about. 2. Consider Renting Your Phone Equipment Some companies will allow you to rent your necessary phone equipment instead of paying for it out of pocket. Instead of having to shell out hundreds of dollars at once to buy the equipment that you need, you can simply pay a small fee on your phone bill. This is a great way to hold onto some of your capital or start your business while on a tighter budget. 3. Use a Voice Over IP Option One excellent option is to look into a voice over IP option. Basically, this type of phone service uses your Internet connection to allow you to place calls rather than using a traditional landline. You will still be able to enjoy all of the benefits of a traditional connection, such as having three-way calling, and caller ID. However, these services can be much cheaper than using a landline; plus, if you already have a existing Internet connection but don’t have all of the phone lines that you need, you can save money on equipment and installation as well. As you can see, there are a few ways that you can cut costs on voice services for your business. Follow these tips, and you can save yourself some money while still having the phone services that you need. For […]

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Customer Service Basics: Is It Time You Outsource Your Answering Service?

In today’s ever-changing business landscape, customer service trends are always changing.  Your customers want to be able to contact a representative any time of the day or night, whenever a problem arises. A 24/7 answering services are becoming the norm rather than the exception and this can be a challenge for many business. The question arises as to whether to keep your answering service in-house or to outsource all or part of your answering service to help carry the burden. There are many factors to consider when considering this issue. Cost Versus Value There is no question that outsourcing can save you money in business. When you hire personnel in-house, you will incur costs in the hiring process, training, and of course paying your new employees. When you outsource, you hire a third-party company, pay them a set fee for services, and the third-party company incurs any hiring or training costs.Thus, when considering outsourcing your 24/7 answering service, the cost benefit falls squarely in favor of outsourcing. However, you must consider if the value is equally as beneficial.  Many outsourced 24/7 answering services are so cost-effective for one of two reasons. First, employees are minimally trained and given only the basic knowledge of the products necessary to sufficiently provide customer service. Second, they often employ call center representatives outside of the continental United States.  This is not to say that call center representatives outside of the United States are not as valuable as those from within the United States, but you must consider your clientele. Do you serve an international clientele or are your customers solely in the United States? What demographic in the United States do you serve? Will customers be put off by customer service representatives who may have heavy accents? These are all factors you must consider. Also consider the type of customer service needs your clients have. If they require in-depth knowledge of products, procedures, or local rules or regulations, outsourcing may not be as beneficial to your clients as hiring new staff of your own.  Control Versus Freedom When you hire new staff, you are largely in control. Members of management in your company select candidates, perform interviews, and select new hires. You control the way they are trained, and you control the work they do while at the company. The locus of control falls within your company. When you outsource help, you gain freedom by relinquishing […]

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